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We performed 2019.01.24 "Operation around Sunpu-jo Castle park New Year clean"!

On Wednesday, January 16, we performed cleaning by civic everybody and staff of city volunteer in Sunpu-jo Castle park.

We got cooperation of Ground Self-Defense Force 34th fundamental education course regiment and carried out cleaning such as outer walls of tatsumiro in total.

As for people volunteer in start ceremony that began at half past 7 a.m. or all of Self-Defense Forces,

A large number of people gathered.

Start-type (1). Thumbnail image of JPG [start-style state]

After start type, it is cleaning start!

Garbage picking. JPG [we pick up garbage eagerly, everybody,]

Garbage collection. JPG [much garbage was collected]

All of Self-Defense Forces cleaned cobweb and dirt which outer wall of oar got with brush and broom.

Outer wall cleaning ① .JPG

Outer wall cleaning ② .JPG [totally like ninja]

It is the first thing since construction of 1989 to clean outer wall of oar in this way,

People of Ranger corps of the Self-Defense Forces removed longtime dirts carefully.

Bifour. jpg [before cleaning]

We can confirm black dirt in yellow frame.

After. JPG [, after the cleaning, we became really beautiful!]

Everybody who participated in Operation clean, thank you!

You are dazzling, and please come white to look at oar which became clean by all means!

Seven herbs festival of the 2019.01.22 [notice] sun is held


Shizuoka designation formlessness folk cultural assets "seven herbs festival of the sun" is held in Fukuda temple Kannondo (Hinata, Aoi-ku) on Monday (holiday) on February 11.

"Seven herbs festival of the sun" is festival held on January 7 in the old calendar, and "prayer of the sunrise" performed in the morning and fertility rite representing the process of rice-growing are comprised of performed "night festival".

Fertility rite representing the process of rice-growing that is entertainment in hope of good harvest is handed down widely in Shizuoka, but, as for what is performed in Shizuoka City, it is only the here sun.

The program begins for "goddess of lucky direction celebration" (do celebrate), and, "large time (daibyoshi)," "fingerling" (wakauo) advocates literature of fertility rite representing the process of rice-growing "beach line" (the eyebrows come) of gesture that is humorous "piece nzu" characterizing seven herbs festival "monkey dengaku" (last dengaku); "count, and there is sentence".


▲"Piece nzu" in hope of prosperity of sericulture


▲"Fingerling" of buffoon          


▲"We count sentence" to liken drum to rice field

On the day of the festival, stand serving local special products opens a store.

Person who is interested carry foot by all means!

★Seven herbs Festival of the sun (Shizuoka designated immaterial folk cultural assets)

The date and time: February 11 Monday (holiday)

   Prayer 10:00 ... of the sunrise

   Night festival    18:30 ...

Venue: Fukuda temple Kannondo (Hinata, Aoi-ku)

Access: There is more parking lot by car than Shizuoka city area for approximately one hour (ten)

Inquiry: Sun neighborhood association TEL 054-291-2535

Excavation work of 2019.01.11 2019 began!

Member of excavation work digging work to stop by began on Tuesday, January 8.

IMG_2635.JPG[from visit to south side route]

After there not being accident, or having confirmed to stone walls because we took good care of ourselves for had a long year-end and New Year holidays, taking a rest and worked, we started work.

We worked on the detection of the north of Toyotomi castle tower sequentially from the end of last year on the first day.

IMG_2636.JPG IMG_2637.JPG
Because you must perform detection work and cleaning work such as stone walls carefully not to break remains of an ancient structure, it takes effort with time. Therefore investigator, worker must push forward work in solidarity.

Visit of the excavation spot began on January 4, but many of you came from the first day.

There seemed to be many person who stopped by to return and New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine which came from far away using New Year holidays.

As you are going to perform excavation work this year until the end of February, come to the excavation spot by all means.

We display brochure and signature colored paper which we had when we were interviewed, commemorative seal of program as well as remains excavated from the juxtaposition surukyasshirudeha excavation spot in visit zone. When you visited the excavation spot, as well as remains, please pay attention.

IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2644.JPG
[kyasshiruo case is on the right]

The year-end and New Year work of the 2018.12.27 excavation spot

* News 0 on the year-end and New Year excavation spot closure day

Visit to castle tower excavation spot zone and "excavation information building kyasshiru,"

During from Saturday, December 29, 2018 to Thursday, January 3, 2019, we take a rest.

The Tomi gate, tatsumiro, konro in park, Momijiyama garden become closing during the same period, too.

New Year holidays of the Heisei last come over to the Sunpu-jo Castle castle tower excavation spot.

IMG_2548.JPG[the year-end excavation spot]

On coverage day, we detected stone wall of the castle tower north of Toyotomi period.

Work with heavy industrial machine which introduced last time is over safely, of stone wall by manual labor of worker dug, and tool began.

Investigator confirms place and orders place and process to dig to worker.

IMG_2552.JPG[state of instructions of work]


IMG_2550.JPG IMG_2551.JPG[we dig hand by worker]

We are going to perform work to detect castle tower of this Toyotomi period even after new year begins.

For the year-end and New Year rest, we recuperate from the excavation spot such as covering with blue sheet so that remains of an ancient structure are not damaged.

You cannot enter the excavation spot for the year-end and New Year holidays, but please observe when you visited Sunpu-jo Castle park as you can look at castle tower from clear panel of wall.

IMG_2558.JPG[clear panel of the Ieyasu image back]

We appreciate your spending 2018 by visit to spot or experience-based excavation.

Please pay attention to movement of the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot in 2019!

Paul of height same as castle tower of 2018.12.25 Ieyasu stood!

We stay in 2018, and there became a few, but the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot continues moving.

IMG_2522.JPG[from west side]

We had two big movement on Tuesday, December 18.

The first is that Paul of 12m to express the height of the castle tower of Sunpu-jo Castle which Ieyasu Tokugawa built in (1607) in 1607 was installed in the north side of the excavation spot.

With IMG_2534-maru. JPG[from visit zone]

May real height not get a hint even if we hear explanation "that the height of the castle tower was 12m from ground at the time"?

Therefore we put up Paul who became indication of 12m from ground and allowed you to confirm height of castle tower with the actually eyes.

As it is from where in visit zone and can see, it is useful to catch scale of castle tower.

IMG_2529.JPG[Paul of 12m in height]

As it is in the visit zone depths of the north side, you go to visit neighborhood, and please realize the height.

The second is to have begun full-scale digging work in the castle tower north of Toyotomi.

IMG_2531.JPG IMG_2544.JPG

Work to remove surface soil uses heavy industrial machine.

A lot of big stones came out other than the earth and sand, but it is stone of stone wall which was a part of the castle tower.

We dig and save for some reason at another place because it has originally worked from acquired place.

IMG_2523.JPG IMG_2532.JPG

After having removed surface soil with heavy industrial machine, worker digs stone wall with human power carefully.

IMG_2535.JPG[backed by Mount Fuji work]

Member of excavation gives instructions that are particular about operator and worker of heavy industrial machine where you dig with what kind of method.

IMG_2540.JPG[from visit zone southeast]

There may be new discovery by progress of investigation.

Please pay attention to future excavation!

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