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2020.08.06 "Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation NAVI vol.5" was made!

The fifth of leaflet "Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation NAVI" for guidance of the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot was completed newly!

IMG_3503.JPG[three A4 size fold]
In past excavation NAVI, we introduced result and the highlight of Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation every year, but, in this Vol.5, it is in contents which gathered up past findings.
As it is with photograph and introduces overall sketch and the highlight spot, you compare with the real spot, and please enjoy.

★Thumbnail image of IMG_0871.JPG[excavation information building kyasshiru]
We distribute free in "excavation information building kyasshiru" in visit zone of the excavation spot.
Please pick up!

"Excavation information building kyasshiru" is 9: 00-16 opens with 30 (last entrance 16:00).

2020.07.30 Sunpu Castle Park history cafe lecture "listen now! Castle tower excavation report was carried out

In Friday, July 17, Momijiyama garden tea-ceremony room Sunpu-jo Castle history cafe course "listen now! Castle tower excavation report was carried out.

Investigator who performed excavation on the site actually reported result of castle tower excavation carried out from 2016 to four years and important discovery.

History cafe ① .jpg [state of briefing session]

Story was pushed forward mainly on three big points that we understood by excavation for 4 years.

①The detection of castle tower of the Keicho era period

②The detection of castle tower, small castle tower of the Tensho era period, discovery of gold leaf tile

③Discovery of remains of an ancient structure of Imagawa period

History cafe ② .JPG

Participants heard eagerly while taking memo.

As there is page compiling information about castle tower trace excavation for 4 years,

As for the person who wants to download, material to want to know in detail, please see this↓

Sunpu-jo Castle trace, Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation (Shizuoka City HP)

It is Matcha thyme while we look at garden after report from investigator was over.

History cafe ③ .jpg [view from tea-ceremony room]

It was the unfortunate look of the sky, but wet green was fresh and young in the rain and was beautiful.

Everybody who had you participate, thank you!

In addition, Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation is working on rearranging such as excavated remains now.

We are going to issue working papers at the end of 2021.

As we will update the latest information about investigation or the highlight of castle tower in future in this page,

Please expect.

There is visit of garden in Momijiyama garden which became venue of briefing session this time without the use of tea-ceremony room anytime during opening hours on opening of the park day. (admission adult: 150 yen dwarf: 50 yen)

History cafe ④ .jpg [we can enjoy seasonal expression]

In addition, there is not only tea-ceremony room but also standing up and making a bow seat in Momijiyama garden and performs there teicha service (pay).

As you sit down on chair and can enjoy delicious tea and cake of Shizuoka casually, please drop in by all means!

History cafe ⑤ .jpg [standing up and making a bow manners of entering a tea-ceremony room mouth]

Only not only Momijiyama garden, we hold course and event continuously in facility in Sunpu Castle Park.

As you are going to hold event to be able to learn happily in future, please participate!

↓Please confirm event information of facility in Sunpu Castle Park here↓

Sunpu Castle Park formula HP

We arrange remains which excavated 2020.07.28!

In the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot, we work on rearranging of remains.
"We introduce cleaning work of excavated article!" Tile which became clean by cleaning work that we introduced in this,
We wear the number for future investigation and save.

IMG_3419.JPG[state of work]
How to write number may vary according to each spot,
In the case of the Sunpu-jo Castle trace excavation spot the "excavated year" "name (cable address to show remains name and investigation point) of the spot"
We fill in "serial numbers".

IMG_3418 (number) .jpg[management number that we filled in]
↑ "2018 (the year) SNI (Sunpu-jo Castle 1) No. 746"
In this way, "note" (chuki) means work to write down excavated age and management number that encoded place in excavated article.

IMG_3420.JPG[state to note]
We fill in note by handwriting in reference to record paper put on tile at the time of exhumation carefully one by one.
Tool to use for work is slender brush and white poster color, coating agent (lacquer).
We write letter as brush with paint and we paint with coating agent from the top so that letter does not fall off from tile and repeat.
Work writing very small letter by thin brush needs technique and concentration.

IMG_3426.JPG[tile which has been noted]
Note dries coating agent and is work completion.
After this, correct thing just "joins", and broken place between pieces may do,
The explanation at the next opportunity!

Water level of 2020.07.20 moat rose

It is time of the rainy season, and water level of moat around the castle tower rises by rain of day after day.

IMG_2006.JPG[from the visit zone north side]

When rain is settled, water of moat falls out with nature.
In addition, we can see sign of water level at the time of the Edo era at rainy little time.

★IMG_2454 (arrow) .jpg[from the visit zone north side at (April, 2020)]

We can look at castle tower which usually varied according to ups and downs of water level of moat!
As there is the highlight of castle tower on rainy day, please see if there are any opportunities.
※When he/she comes to visit, we hope that we pay attention to weather of the day.

2020.07.17 "result of 2019 Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation" announcement! 5

We announce "result of 2019 Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation" today! We told with 1
We introduce remains of an ancient structure and remains of Imagawa period.

By Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation of 2019, we identified remains as remains of an ancient structure of Imagawa period.
After establishing groove for investigation several not to break castle tower, and investigating as remains of an ancient structure might be left in the lower layer of castle tower for the Tensho era period (Toyotomi), section called Yagenbori (yagembori) discovered V-shaped moat or porcelain made in China.

Yagenbori. PNG [central groove Yagenbori]
Yagenbori extended to the north and south direction at about 1.7m in depth, about 3m in width.
There are some kind of facilities around here, and, by existence of Yagenbori, it turns out that we sectioned in moat.

Imagawa period remains. JPG [excavated porcelain and pot]
Remains excavated piece of pot (tortoise) of Tokoname (tokoname, current Aichi) other than porcelain made in China.
As porcelain made in China was high-quality article, person who had person and power with high social position was able to obtain.

Remains and remains of an ancient structure of Imagawa period are discovered in investigation of past Sunpu Castle Park and the outskirts (junior high schools in castle).
Yagenbori that we discovered was them and thing of the same period, and this investigation result became valuable discovery, too.

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