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We performed "height of the castle tower experience" that could observe castle tower from 2018.12.14 12m above the ground!

 We carried out event to experience height of castle tower which Ieyasu who became influential figure in the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot on Saturday, December 1 repaired very much at the time. 160 participants observed castle tower of state and Ieyasu, Hideyoshi of the excavation spot that opened under eyes while hearing rise, explanation of investigator to altitude of approximately 12m above the ground using tower wagon at the same time.

 IMG_5280.JPG IMG_5278.JPG

[state of height experience on the day]

 On the day there was some wind, but weather was day that was well good in experience, too.

 In high valuable experience to listen to explanation while, by the way, looking at the spot, as for the participant, explanation for around ten minutes seemed to be instant interest deeply, too.

IMG_5316.JPG[participants waiting for experience] 

 We add helmet and seat belt to lift stand of tower wagon and get on.

[state of previous preparations to get on]

 On the top of lift stand, we get nervous slowly.

IMG_5277.JPG[in the middle of rise]

IMG_5334.JPG IMG_5365.JPG[rise completion]

 We are overwhelmed to the height when we get nervous to approximately 12m above the ground.

 We can suppose when we think that castle tower was built on the top more when Sunpu-jo Castle at the time would be very greatly excellent.

IMG_5241.JPG IMG_5256.JPG[we photograph from lift stand]

 I see lift stand of tower wagon very well even if we leave the excavation spot.
IMG_5296.JPG IMG_5297.JPG

 We rise highly, and cuttlefish just knows castle tower well.

 In addition, Asura (shura) who used even experience party of July displayed beside stone with carved seal.

 Visitors thought about the making of stone wall at the time and observed with fascination.
IMG_5344.JPG IMG_5306.JPG

 All of you who had you arrive, thank you.

[event information]

 We are going to hold visit to spot party that findings of 2018 listens to on Saturday, February 23, 2019!

 It is chance to listen to result of excavation of 2018 when we had much discovery.

 For more details, as tell with this blog again; in fun.

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