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We display 2018.12.17 kyasshirude gold leaf tile!

Winter cold surged against the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot. When there is wind, we feel the spot to be very cold.

IMG_5287.JPG[than castle tower Tainan part]

Still lot visits the excavation spot every day to have a look at stone wall of Tokugawa and Toyotomi.

We switch to new display with excavation information building kyasshirudeha, gold leaf tile exhibition from November 22. As we display a part of the gold leaf tile excavated this time, and there is panel which explained gold leaf tile in addition, please look at by all means.

IMG_2411.JPG IMG_2408.JPG
[state of kyasshiru display]

Besides, we are doing various display in kyasshiru.

In "Sunpu-jo Castle photo studio completely exposed to view," photograph introduces place that we cannot look at from visit route including image which we photographed in drone from the sky.

IMG_2404.JPG[Sunpu-jo Castle photo studio completely exposed to view]

In addition, we are doing the video screening to know Sunpu-jo Castle well.

IMG_2400.JPG[screening space]

With title called "castle where how is Sunpu-jo Castle", it is approximately seven minutes.

We read the history of Sunpu-jo Castle while explaining change at the time of duty of form and building of castle.

When kyashiruni dropped in, please appreciate.

Please call out to kyasshiruniiru cultural assets supporter casually if you have question of screening contents and showpiece.

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