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Paul of height same as castle tower of 2018.12.25 Ieyasu stood!

We stay in 2018, and there became a few, but the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot continues moving.

IMG_2522.JPG[from west side]

We had two big movement on Tuesday, December 18.

The first is that Paul of 12m to express the height of the castle tower of Sunpu-jo Castle which Ieyasu Tokugawa built in (1607) in 1607 was installed in the north side of the excavation spot.

With IMG_2534-maru. JPG[from visit zone]

May real height not get a hint even if we hear explanation "that the height of the castle tower was 12m from ground at the time"?

Therefore we put up Paul who became indication of 12m from ground and allowed you to confirm height of castle tower with the actually eyes.

As it is from where in visit zone and can see, it is useful to catch scale of castle tower.

IMG_2529.JPG[Paul of 12m in height]

As it is in the visit zone depths of the north side, you go to visit neighborhood, and please realize the height.

The second is to have begun full-scale digging work in the castle tower north of Toyotomi.

IMG_2531.JPG IMG_2544.JPG

Work to remove surface soil uses heavy industrial machine.

A lot of big stones came out other than the earth and sand, but it is stone of stone wall which was a part of the castle tower.

We dig and save for some reason at another place because it has originally worked from acquired place.

IMG_2523.JPG IMG_2532.JPG

After having removed surface soil with heavy industrial machine, worker digs stone wall with human power carefully.

IMG_2535.JPG[backed by Mount Fuji work]

Member of excavation gives instructions that are particular about operator and worker of heavy industrial machine where you dig with what kind of method.

IMG_2540.JPG[from visit zone southeast]

There may be new discovery by progress of investigation.

Please pay attention to future excavation!

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