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Excavation work of 2019.01.11 2019 began!

Member of excavation work digging work to stop by began on Tuesday, January 8.

IMG_2635.JPG[from visit to south side route]

After there not being accident, or having confirmed to stone walls because we took good care of ourselves for had a long year-end and New Year holidays, taking a rest and worked, we started work.

We worked on the detection of the north of Toyotomi castle tower sequentially from the end of last year on the first day.

IMG_2636.JPG IMG_2637.JPG
Because you must perform detection work and cleaning work such as stone walls carefully not to break remains of an ancient structure, it takes effort with time. Therefore investigator, worker must push forward work in solidarity.

Visit of the excavation spot began on January 4, but many of you came from the first day.

There seemed to be many person who stopped by to return and New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine which came from far away using New Year holidays.

As you are going to perform excavation work this year until the end of February, come to the excavation spot by all means.

We display brochure and signature colored paper which we had when we were interviewed, commemorative seal of program as well as remains excavated from the juxtaposition surukyasshirudeha excavation spot in visit zone. When you visited the excavation spot, as well as remains, please pay attention.

IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2644.JPG
[kyasshiruo case is on the right]

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