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2020.02.05 Sunpu-jo Castle castle tower trace excavation digging work is the final stage!

We finish digging work of Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation after starting excavation soon in February of this year for four years from 2016.

The spot is in full operation every day now!

IMG_1818.JPG[heavy industrial machine digging]

IMG_1822.JPG[we carry stone carefully]

For digging such as surface soil that remains of an ancient structure do not have influence as for the investigation using heavy industrial machine,

Member of excavation work digs point needing careful work with human power.

It is limited during period when heavy industrial machine operates, but may be time to be seen by work various now toward the end most.

IMG_1815.JPG[from the north side of visit zone]

It is Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation that there was many valuable discovery,

It is until February that we can see digging work by member of heavy industrial machine and excavation work with the eyes.

This opportunity, everybody, without passing over!

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