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Instructions equal to 2020.05.25 excavation information building kyasshiruno resumption

On excavation information building kyasshiru resumption from Tuesday, May 26, 2020,
There is request in where it is come to come to.

・We set a limit to admission in rush hours.
In that case, we have you make an excursion and wait for visit zone, and I would like cooperation.
・I would like mask wearing. When there is not mask, a cough etiquette, please.
・You leave interval with other customers as much as possible, and please appreciate.
・Please refrain from conversations in loud voice in hall.

In addition, as for the following cases, please refrain from admission.
・When we run a fever
・When we have symptoms such as a cough, throat even if slight
・When or infected person needs being possible of being infected in closeness including home and the workplace

In addition, in facility, we work on mask wearing of the staff, setting of antiseptic solution, conduct of periodical disinfection, regular ventilation, reinforcement of cleaning.

※About the above, change will be possible by the new coronavirus infectious disease expansion situation in future.
We will tell again on this occasion.

Preventive measures against excavation information building kyasshiruno infection (check list) .pdf

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