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We arrange remains which excavated 2020.07.28!

In the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot, we work on rearranging of remains.
"We introduce cleaning work of excavated article!" Tile which became clean by cleaning work that we introduced in this,
We wear the number for future investigation and save.

IMG_3419.JPG[state of work]
How to write number may vary according to each spot,
In the case of the Sunpu-jo Castle trace excavation spot the "excavated year" "name (cable address to show remains name and investigation point) of the spot"
We fill in "serial numbers".

IMG_3418 (number) .jpg[management number that we filled in]
↑ "2018 (the year) SNI (Sunpu-jo Castle 1) No. 746"
In this way, "note" (chuki) means work to write down excavated age and management number that encoded place in excavated article.

IMG_3420.JPG[state to note]
We fill in note by handwriting in reference to record paper put on tile at the time of exhumation carefully one by one.
Tool to use for work is slender brush and white poster color, coating agent (lacquer).
We write letter as brush with paint and we paint with coating agent from the top so that letter does not fall off from tile and repeat.
Work writing very small letter by thin brush needs technique and concentration.

IMG_3426.JPG[tile which has been noted]
Note dries coating agent and is work completion.
After this, correct thing just "joins", and broken place between pieces may do,
The explanation at the next opportunity!

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