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Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation excavation information building kyasshiru [annex]

For one wanting to know related information quickly as annex (electronic edition) of "excavation information building kyasshiru" sending excavation breaking news to in the Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower excavation spot and which cannot actually come to the spot, we send the latest information from this page.

The latest information

We held particularly experience-based visit party!
"Sunpu-jo Castle trace castle tower whole excavation ②" was made!
Stone wall color color of Sunpu-jo Castle!
The excavation spot became specifications in the summer!
We did kyasshiruno display substitute!

Easy-to-understand guide Sunpu-jo Castle

Easy-to-understand guide Sunpu-jo Castle

Why did castle tower disappear at the beginning of the Edo era?

In castle tower and other buildings, castle tower might not be rebuilt after 1635 (Kanei 12) until it became abandoned castle in the Meiji era whenever we suffered from fire and earthquake whereas we were rebuilt. It is thought that this shows that it was to the world of All the world is at peace that the system of the Edo Shogunate by the Tokugawas becomes stable, and castle tower which was symbol of war and authority is not necessary.

Current Sunpu-jo Castle

There was triple kutsu in Sunpu-jo Castle, but we were filled up by becoming, and city area became narrow. The inside becomes Sunpu-jo Castle park from two no-maru moat (middle moat) and, based on restoration record of the age of an emperor year (1751-1763), Tomi gate or tatsumiro restore and are released now.

Sunpu-jo Castle Sunpu-jo Castle park

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