Cultural assets of Shizuoka City

Folk culture that has been inherited

We pray for peace and security, good harvest of one year at the beginning of year and meet ancestors on tray and thank crop which is rich in autumn of crop. Really various folks are handed down to the city. Most of those folk tradition have been inherited ceaselessly from the Middle Ages and the early modern times by local people.
However, we came to have many problems including lack of successor because living environment suddenly changed after rapid economic growth, and sense of values of people diversified. However, thought of local people, "oneself wanted to inherit this dance that parent loved somehow" protected many folk events carefully until today, and which "you must not run out of tradition" told.
We watch nature which people held as well as the local history by admiring folk event of each place and can learn view of life and thing which said. In addition, it may be said that it is only superior thing for entertainment artistically above all while it is long because it is entertainment and event that continued being loved. Everybody has means of transportation progress in the field, too, and please be keenly aware of traditional culture of Shizuoka City.

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