Cultural assets of Shizuoka City

Passage of history of Shizuoka City

Current Shizuoka City transfers "Shizuoka City" to ordinance-designated city after merger of "Shimizu-shi" and further merges with Kanbara-cho, Yuicho and pushes forward new step.

In the north, the south is blessed with really a variety of natural environments to Suruga Bay close to the Southern Alps more than 1,000 meters above sea level when we survey Shizuoka city limits.

"Toro remains", there are textbook of history such as "Ieyasu Tokugawa" and thing seeing well on TV "Imagawa" "Tokaido" when we give keyword of history of Shizuoka City. Shizuoka City is place where important event in Japanese history happened.

We introduce until event only by Shizuoka City not to know from historical event that anyone knows unexpectedly by "passage of history of Shizuoka City" along the times.

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